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In the city of Complacency, a wizard named Simon has opened the Simon B. Goth Wizard "University". He and his co-horts are offering all types of New classes to local and international students. It appears that Simon is well funded and owns several communication, travel, finance, and entertainment companies. No one knows exactly where this man comes from. Some townspeople say that he is connected with the BrotherHood of False Doctrines.

Although he practices wizardry and magik, Simon denies that it even exists. He has discussed these things live on national talk shows since his e-books have sold so well. Mr. Goth might seem somewhat "interesting" or "powerful" but there is something different about him, and that's not just talking about his wardrobe or his affection for South American poisonous frogs.

Strange things have begun to happen in Complacency....  Simon has a cousin named Leonella. Many know her as "Miss Leo". She owns a network of mail order companies, offers free email, and has cyberspace web  sites where she promotes her card tricks. Leonella claims that her cards know the future.

For some time now, national, state, and local officials have been trying to battle Simon's army of darkness.

A news flash in the Complacency Daily News :
Parents and teachers,
church officials,
police and congressmen,
and even some liberal folks seem to all agree :

Although Simon Wiz. U. does pay it's bills and complies with the city ordinances, it is protected by freedom of teachings laws, there is constant and ever increasing trouble connected with  the staff and the new graduates. Crime has risen in Complacency, people are angry, students are not interested in much, and all types of strange things are happening. The people of Complacency, and the Mayor of this great town, hereby decide to keep a close watch on this new academy"

Recently a group of kids had gone off to visit Simon U, on an "open" campus tour invitation. But ! they never returned home. The police can't find these kids, their friends don't know where they are, the parents believe it's related to Simon Wiz. U.

A special emergency town meeting has been called.

After hours of talks with various government agencies and officials, the people realize the battle is not a regular one. The people realize they are fighting supernatural, dark evil forces. The "struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm - Ephesians6:12

News flash:

The people of Complacency have decided to take ACTION and they engage the enemy with the help of the The PRAYERWARRIORS

The Mission : Find and rescue the missing kids.
Team :              PRAYERWARRIORS

Game Engine Update in PW 5.01
New levels, new intelligent creatures, new AI, more spiritual weapons to engage the enemy with, and new music.

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